How does the EU intend to strengthen its consumer protection laws on online sales?

How does the EU intend to strengthen its consumer protection laws on online sales?

The EU is bolstering its consumer protection regulations as well as committing to greater transparency in online transactions. For this reason, the EU plans on establishing certain measures that will offer consumers more information and protection when buying goods online.

The Committee of Permanent Representatives of the Council recently approved an Agreement on the guideline draft which will amend the existing EU rules to protect the interests of consumers.

Among the main objectives of this is the incentive to achieve greater transparency in online transactions. This aim is backed by the implementation of measures such as:

  • The obligation to inform online consumers about customized prices based on algorithms, or about those whose display of products is based on the price paid by the companies.
  • The obligation for market places to inform consumers about who takes responsibility in a transaction – seller or buyer?
  • For consumers to be protected against the disclosure of their data in exchange for “free” use of digital services, as is the case with cloud data storage, social networks, or free e-mail accounts which require giving up certain data
  • Abolishing certain outdated requirements established by current laws, such as those linked to the use of traditional means of communication, which would influence e.g. letters

In light of proper legal and linguistic control, the European Parliament and the Council will adopt the Agreement. From the entry into force of the directive, EU Member States will have 2 years to transpose it into national law.

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