Social & Corporate

  • Company secretary services and Corporate Governance
  • Structural modifications and equity transactions
  • Corporate conflicts and defense of shareholders’ rights
  • Shareholders’ agreements

Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Due Diligence of the purchase and sale
  • Tax and legal structure planning
  • Pre-negotiation documents (LOIs, NDAs)
  • SPA, Representations and Warranties (R&W), negotiations and closing of the transaction.

Real Estate & Regulatory

  • Contracts and transactions
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Offices
  • Retail


  • Fintech
  • Big Data
  • Ecommerce
  • Technological contracts

M@P Smart Biz Law

Marinel-lo @ Partners is an independent and international law firm comprised of well-established, experienced lawyers with a solid background in corporate law, operations and cross-border transactions, as well as multidisciplinary legal advice to its clients namely Biz Law.


M@P is then SMART Biz Law, as it is built on the professional experience acquired over more than 25 years and that, attentive to the highly volatile, ever changing and demanding businesses and industries  aims to focus its business model from an evolutive point of view: organizations, relationships and practice areas.


SMART defines an essential part of our practice areas: Social & Corporate, Mergers & Acquisitions, Real Estate & Regulatory and Technology, that we complement with Commercial and Civil, Intellectual & Industrial Property, Litigation & Arbitration, Labour and Tax Law.

German Desk

Our professionals know the applicable law, culture and customs of Germany, Austria and Switzerland as well as Spain: many have double degrees in Germany and Spain and their native tongue is German. M@P becomes then an essential bridge between both cultures and between both approaches to international business challenges.

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 Enterpreneurship and Innovation

En Marinel-lo @ Partners we help to take off your ideas, providing your project with the specific legal framework tailored for you. From its birth to its expansion and potential sale, we are your partners throughout the life of the company, without ever losing sight of your different needs at each stage of its development..



The exceptional economic situation forces companies and professionals to optimize and know the scope of the legal and economic measures adopted, to review and/or redesign the current agreements with clients and suppliers, as well as to define and implement the appropriate preventive strategy to reduce the liabilities of the company’s Directors. Through our COVID-19 PACKAGES we offer you the necessary legal counsel to understand and face the enormous amount of new legal regulations approved as a consequence of the current health crisis.


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The European Commission has set a new fiscal policy guidance for 2024 that aims to create economic stability while deactivating the SGP’s general escape clause. Here we resume the main concepts around it and some ways of interpreting and framing this new set of European......

In recent years, entrepreneurship has grown tremendously. For multiple reasons that exceed the scope of this article, it is increasingly common to see, hear or read news about entrepreneurs who found startups and obtained million-dollar investments. But what many people don’t know is that those......

In June 2021 will be ten years since the “Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights” were approved. These recognized the role of business enterprises to respect human rights, and the need of these to be matched to appropriate and effective remedies when breached –......

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